Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Rhythms

This is a rhythm dictation of sorts.  I do this activity after we have worked with ta ti-ti, quarter note, eighth notes, saying them, clapping them etc.

Everyone in the class gets this worksheet. I hand them four candy hearts (which they LOVE). I tell them they can't eat it yet!  They read what is on the candy hearts and decide how they are going to notate it. One syllable to a note. They can spread one candy heart between two hearts on the paper, as long as each heart equals one beat.  They may only need three of the hearts depend on how they write it, and that's ok.  I give them four candy hearts anyway.  They get to put the sayings in any order they'd like. We do a few examples on the board to see the variations that are possible. 

Students write the notes plus the words underneath the notes, onto the worksheet, dividing the syllables if applicable. Depending on the grade and what I've taught them, they might only write the ta and ti-ti or they might write the actual notes with the note heads.  They get to eat the candy AFTER I've checked it and it is correct.

*Depending on the time, I have them practice clapping and saying their rhythm.  Then share their rhythm with another student to clap.

*They always want to color them, so I let them if there is time.


  1. Love this idea! I'm looking forward to trying this next week with my second and third graders.

  2. You have fabulous ideas! I can't wait to try this out.